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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lifes' Laugh Line

I thinks its an age. We’re probably nearing the age where news of death becomes more common….. as we grow older, we get to know more people and their families- thereby the probability of hearing news of death increasing. Also a function of age…. As we grow older, people around us come closer to the life expectancy age. I for one would not want to prolong my old age.i’d rather live a full life than a long one.

Noticed the change? How the youth of today constantly talk of travel and following their dreams and doing what they want to do. Its trend like. Also the tattoos.every third person has one… its no longer a statement of rebellion or toughness or seductiveness in the case of a woman…. Everyones got one… even the most inane and insipid office goer or housewife sometimes.

So widllifes going extinct …. And I think to myself… we ‘re most definitely not be able to prevent it… theyre dying and going extinct… sure , it s huge loss aesthetically… sure the food chain will get screwed for a while… but it’ll correct itself….sure it’s a shame… but how is it going to affect us? The normal working person like myself? It just does not make any difference to my daily life. And this is evolution … I don’t think anyone cries cause the dinosaurs went extinct… it’s a shame… but it’s ok… so the tigers get pushed out  of the food chain – the exploding human population will probably take the place of the carnivores in the food chain … then who’ll be on top? The virus’s maybe- theyd be our predators…. And humans will evolve too… the women will be born without body hair, straightened hair on the head and flawless skin . all of human kind will have larger brains and more feminine features cause we don’t need muscles so much anymore… this is just the ramblings of a common person on evolution …

On another track… the parsis are becoming extinct and will be by 2050. Should we be bothered?

Gandhi once said – the worst form of violence is indifference.

I’ve developed a laugh line , should i be happy? :)


  1. u shd be happy.. seemingly thts the only thing thts up to us anyway.. agree with ur piece..

    keep writing :)